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About PATS Hall of Fame

The Pennsylvania Athletic Training Hall of Fame inducted its first class in 2000. It is our responsibility to continue the legacy our inaugural class has set forth. Therefore it is up to the PATS membership to provide us with nominations of worthy candidates for possible induction into the Pennsylvania Athletic Training Hall of Fame. The criteria for induction and nomination form can be VIEWED HERE.

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Class of 2021

Neil Curtis

Class of 2019

John Moyer

Yvette Ingram


Class of 2018

Edwin "Sandy" Bush

Linda Fabrizio Mazzoli

Teresa Zepka

Class of 2016

Rick Burkholder

Jim Thornton

Tom West


Class of 2015

AJ Duffy III

John Norwig

Class of 2014

Glen L. (Larry) Cooper

Joseph Donolli

Gary Hanna

Class of 2013

Julie Ramsey Emrhein

Barry McGlumphy

Linda Platt Meyer

Class of 2012

Paul Slocum

Senator Robert “Tommy” Tomlinson

Class of 2011

George Roberts


Class of 2010

Steve Nemes

Class of 2009

John M. Hauth

Steven J. Heckler

Class of 2008

Jeff Cooper

Michael Sitler

Paula Sammarone Turocy


Class of 2007

William Biddington

Joe Iezzi

Class of 2006 

David M. Joyner, MD

Mark Keppler

Class of 2005

Sayers J."Bud" Miller

Cecila L. Yost

​​Class of 2004

Gareth "Lefty" Biser

Alexander Kalenak, MD

Jack Rea, Jr.

Lois E. Wagner

Class of 2003

Romeo M. Capozzi

Michael Cordas, Jr., DO

George "Speed" Ebersole     


Class of 2002

Rudolph "Rudy" Corona

I.O. Silver, MD

John "Thatch" Thatcher

Class of 2001

G.E. "Moose" Detty

Joseph Godek

Willie Myers

David J. Tomasi

Joseph Torg, MD


Inaugural Class of 2000

Edgar Harold (Hal) Biggs

Joseph A Blankowitsch, Jr.

Richard Burkholder

Otho L. Davis

Phillip B. Donley

Charles E. (Chuck) Medlar

David G. Moyer, MD

Theodore (Ted) Quedenfeld

Francis J. Sheridan

Bruce E. Vogelsong

Howard E. Waite



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