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Cecilia Yost Scholarship Award

As the first female to be elected President of the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Society, Inc, she was also the first athletic trainer from the secondary school setting. These two groundbreaking accomplishments of historical significance make Cecilia Yost a shining star in the profession of athletic training within the Commonwealth. Because of Cecilia, the path was forged for women to ascend the ladder within the profession of athletic training. Even more importantly, she has strived to mentor those students seeking a career in the field while also constantly being a valuable resource for all of our young professionals. To that end, this award is specific to a rising senior (junior class applicant) who has shown his or her potential for having a unique impact on the profession and the PATS organization. 

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Phillip Donley Scholarship Award

Phil’s Athletic Training Education Program was not only the first in the State, but also the first Co-ed program in the country. In 1965 he established a Co-ed athletic training room when few schools had one. He was a pioneer in helping women enter the field and hired the first full time female athletic trainer in 1966. Along with Bud Miller they were the heart and soul of early athletic training education. He is dedicated to the profession and is always there when you need him in professional organization matters. He continues to work behind the scenes to get things done and pushes his peers to step forward to take leadership roles.

The Phillip B. Donley award seeks to distinguish the student who is also dedicated to the profession – who not only distinguishes themselves academically, but more importantly clinically and through volunteerism. It is the student is well-rounded and who has shown themselves to go the “extra mile” – not just what has been assigned to them throughout their curriculum.

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PATS, Inc.
"Otho Davis" Scholarship Award

In 1976, Otho Davis was the National Executive Director of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association and was also the principal individual who gathered our founding fathers together in Mechanicsburg, PA to create the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Society, modeled after the NATA.  Otho was a “bigger than life” individual who had the bold vision to organize the Athletic Trainers in the State in order to protect our chosen profession in the uncertain political climate of that time.

This award embodies: the deep passion of our founding fathers that carries forward today; holds its members to the highest professional standards, both morally and ethically; and encourages its members to work in collaboration and camaraderie, while exhibiting adaptivity, flexibility, and creativity

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NATA District II

Joe Iezzi


NATA District II “Joe Iezzi” Scholarship Award. Joe has been the head athletic trainer at Cheyney University, Philadelphia University, and has been at Downingtown High School since 1988.  He works tirelessly for the profession and has been in many professional leadership roles within the state, district, and nationally.  Joe Iezzi has mentored many students and has helped mold and shape their careers and lives. 

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Richard M. Burkholder
Student Scholarship

Dick Burkholder is an untiring servant of the profession and the athletes he serves.  The Richard M. Burkholder Scholarship Award is awarded to a student who has a desire and eagerness to gain knowledge not only in the classroom, but also through observation skills -  and has insight of how these skills and knowledge can be used to evaluate early health problems and apply them to treat  the athlete and use them in practicing his or her chosen health profession.  Like Burke, the person awarded this Scholarship should have a great sense of humor and be committed to helping others in the profession.

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Northeast AT Scholarship Award 

No longer sponsored.

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PATS, Athletic Trainer River Run Scholarship

No Longer Sponsored

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Cecilia Yost Scholarship Award

Award Winner- $2,000 Recipient

2023  Mia Anthony - University of Pittsburgh

2022  Alyssa Stetler - Kings College

2021  Lauren Betts- University of Pittsburgh

2020  Kate Cunningham, Kings College

2019  Koki Kawaguchi, Slippery Rock University

2018  Allison Ross, University of Pittsburgh

2017  Kylee Jo Proudfit, Slippery Rock University

2016  MacKenzie Dailey, Slippery Rock University

2015  Kelsey Rynkiewicz, King's College

2014  Angelica Nunez, California University of PA


Phillip Donley Scholarship Award

Award Winner- $2,000 Recipient

2023  Emma Longley - Chatham

2022  Kaitlin Fulton- Kings College

2021  Erin Gilligan- West Chester University

2020  Lauren Cianci, Penn State University

2019  Madeline Shaw, West Chester University

2018  Morgan Dumont, West Chester University

2017  Devon Stroup, West Chester University

2016  Nicholas April, West Chester University

2015  Allison Gardner, King's College

2014  Steven Davi, King's College

2013  Frances Erndl, King's College

2012  Megan Inama, King's College

2011  Bandele Talib, East Stroudsburg University

2010  Neno Bartocci, West Chester University

2009  J. Luke Pryor, Lock Haven University

2008  Robyn Weidner, California University of PA

2007  Dan Baer, West Chester University

2006  Katie Peters, University of Pittsburgh

2005  Brandi Swezey, California University of PA

Finalist: Travis Lewis, East Stroudsburg University

2004  Kimberley J. Randolph, California University of PA

Finalist: Amy P. Blaszkowski, King's College

2003  Thomas Bowman, East Stroudsburg University

Finalist: Robert Hipp, IIICalifornia University of PA

2002  Douglas Carpenter, Lock Haven University

Finalist:  Patricia HatchesUniv of Pittsburgh

2001  Heather Clouser, E, King's College

Finalists:  Jason Michael Mensinger, East Stroudsburg University

2000  Lauren Lyn McKiel, Duquesne University

Finalist: Michael L. Zalno, Messiah College

1999  Renee Myers, Pittsburgh University

Finalist:  Erin Compton, Slippery Rock University

First Year

1998  Lori Steiner, Duquesne University

Finalists:  Tina Marie Evans, Marywood University
Christina Nicole Bell, Gettysburg College

PATS, Inc. "Otho Davis" Scholarship Award

Award Winner- $2,000 Recipient

2023  Jessica Wright - West Chester University

2022  Megan Helf - Moravian University

2021  Kasey Cole- Lock Haven University

2020  Maddison Miller, West Chester University

2019  Bailee Hilaman, Lock Haven University

2018  Kelly St. John, West Chester University

2017  Joey Twaddell,  Messiah College

2016  Kelsey White, Messiah College

2015  Thea Lucas, Univ. of Pittsburgh

2014  Allison Gardiner, King's College

2013  Megan Plumb, East Stroudsburg University

2012  Kathryn Niebel, Slippery Rock University

2011  Kelly Greenway, King's College

2010  Britanny Schreppel, Kings College

2009  Kyle P. Moore, East Stroudsburg University

2008  Jenna Micsky, Slippery Rock University

2007  Kelly Pagnata, California University of PA

2006  Meghan Sarao, Slippery Rock University

2005  Andrew Flavell, Kings College

2004  Jeremy Fouts, California University of PA

YOST & Joe Iezzi

NATA District II - Joe Iezzi Scholarship Winners

Award Winner- $2,000 Recipient


2023  Amelia Gilch -  West Chester University

2022  Jessica Schmidt - West Chester University

2021  Abigail Verbeke-West Chester University

2020  Amy Bergquist, East Stroudsburg University

2019  Brady Mellinger, University of Pittsburgh

2018  Rachel DeTore, King's College

2017  Branden Green, East Stroudsburg University

2016  Kelsey Rynkiewicz, King's College

2015  Rebecca Dubas, West Chester University

2014  Morgan Langton, Duquesne University

2013  Amanda Fernandez, Duquesne University

2012  Layci Watts, Lock Haven University

2011  Alexandra Schubert, West Chester University

2010  Kayla Hauck, West Chester University

2009  Brandi L. Lockerman, Slippery Rock University

2008  Deanna Didiano, University of Pittsburgh

2007  Evan Liebelsperger,  East Stroudsburg University

2006  Matt Hoch, East Stroudsburg University

2005  Jessica Scott, Slippery Rock University

2004  Andrew P. Flavell, Kings College

2003  Melissa Kline, East Stroudsburg University

2002  Molly Hayes,  Messiah College

2001  Jessica Shirk, East Stroudsburg University

2000  Heidi Hartline, Slippery Rock University



Richard M. Burkholder Student Scholarship

Award Winner- $2,000 Recipient

2023  Alyssa Straus - Moravian

2022  Nathan Ritzman - Slippery Rock University

2021  Taylor Davis-Slippery Rock University

2020  Riley Horner, Penn State University

2019  Jennifer Defazio, University of Pittsburgh

2018  Connor Logoyda, King's College

2017  Joseph Beck, East Stroudsburg University

2016  Cody Lancellotti, King's College

2015  Michael Thomas, Univ. of Pittsburgh

2014  Nathaniel Nester, Messiah College

2013  Mario Mascioli, West Chester University

2012  Matthew Meredick, University of Pittsburgh

2011  Jenna Stoltzfus, Waynesburg University

2010  Lesley Willis, California University of PA

2009  Camille D. Valvano, King's College

2008  Katherine Sullivan, Slippery Rock University

2007  Lianne McGinn-Bunn, East Stroudsburg University

2006  Robert Super, King's College



Northeast AT Scholarship Award

No Longer Sponsored


2013  Janae Boynes, Marywood University

2012  Megan Inama, King's College

2011  Bandele Talib, East Stroudsburg University

2010  Jamie Reiger, Alvernia

2009  Camille Valvano, King's College

2008  Shannon Baldwin, East Stroudsburg University

2007  Evan M. Leibelsperger, East Stroudsburg University

2006  Matthew Hoch, East Stroudsburg University



PATS, Athletic Trainer River Run Scholarship

No Longer Sponsored


2016  Cheyenne DeRaymond, University of Pittsburgh

          Kevin Tam, University of Pittsburgh

2015  Steve Nagib,University of Pittsburgh

          Angel Nunez, California University of PA

2014  Angela DeCandia, University of Pittsburgh

          Morgan Langton, Duquesne University

2013  Casey Northcraft, University of Pittsburgh

2011/12  Stephanie Anderson, University of Pittsburgh

              Brandi Valerio, California University of PA

2010  Jessica Johns, Duquesne University

2009  Bonnie Virag, Duquesne University

2008  Robyn Weidner, California University of PA

          Jari Hail, Duquesne University

2007  Kelly Pagnotta, California University of PA

2006  Stephanie Then, University of Pittsburgh

2005  Katherine Conroy, Duquesne University

2004  Stephanie State, Duquesne University

Northeast AT
David & River Run
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