The David G. Moyer Award, the EATA’s most prestigious award, is presented annually to a team physician who, through the years, has demonstrated those qualities that made Dr. Moyer such a special person to those around him and an integral part of the growth of athletic training. His commitment was to the entire community that surrounded the institutions for whom he served as team physician. Dr. Moyer was an ardent supporter of the athletic trainer, and through his lecturing, his seminars, and his writing, he helped to educate and promote athletic trainers throughout the region. In addition, Dr. Moyer was quite active within the communities in which he lived and served, as evidenced by the positions he held on numerous boards and councils.

You are strongly encouraged to submit a nomination for this year’s David G. Moyer Award, a physician that has served a minimum of 10 years as a team physician for one or more institutions. The nominee should demonstrate a strong commitment to the institution, the surrounding community, and the field of athletic training.


More information on the nominating process can be found on the EATA website.


Past Recipients