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***Secretary - Running unopposed


Roxanna Larsen

***Northeastern Representative - Running unopposed


Rennie Sacco


***Southcentral Representative


Gary Himes

Joseph Murphy

Marc Schaffer

Emily Young



The PATS 2016 election winners were:

George Roberst - President Elect
William J. Frye - Northcentral Representative
Rebecca Mokris - Northwestern Representative
Nicole Cattano - Southeastern Representative


The PATS 2015 election winners were:

Jamie Mansell - Treasurer
Michael J. Horan - Southeastern Representative
Shelly Fetchen DiCesaro - Southwestern Representative


The PATS 2014 election winners were:

Gaetano Sanchioli - President-Elect:
Roxanna Larsen - Secretary
Rennie Sacco - Northeastern Representative
Wesley R. Mallicone - Southcentral Representative


The PATS 2013 elections winners were as follows:

John Moyer - President-Elect
Rebecca Mokris - Northwestern Representative
Jason Erlandson - Northcentral Representative



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